Operation Fallen Flags
The Glory Truck

We haven’t replaced every worn, torn, and tattered flag yet, but we’re working on it.

Flags Were Torn, and The Glory Truck Was Born

Over fifty years ago, Bobby Kennedy said, “Some men see things as they are and ask why. I dream of things that never were, and ask why not?” A few years ago, a Vietnam veteran named Nick Parnello had a dream. “I had seen worn-out flags still flying and asked why. Then, I had a dream that those flags should be replaced, and asked why not?” That’s how The Glory Truck and Operation Fallen Flags went from being a dream to a reality.

Recent Happenings

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Automotive Solutions

Automotive Solutions Gives The Glory Truck a Facelift

When The Glory Truck needed a facelift, and our finances were tight, Tom and Sherry Abrahamson of Automotive Solutions in Belvidere came to the rescue.

Army Reserve

Replacing the Flag at the Army Reserve Training Facility

When the Smoke Brothers of Operation Fallen Flags heard that the U.S. Army Reserve Training Facility in Machesney Park, Illinois, needed a new flag, they went into action.

Putting up the sign post at the LZ Peace Memorial.

Smoke Brothers Directional Mileage Signpost

When the Smoke Brothers put up a directional signpost, the arrows pointed mostly to places in Vietnam.

Teeccino herbal coffees and teas

Teeccino Herbal Coffees and Teas Donation

Blackjack 6 (Nick Parnello) is always looking for health-related supplements and recently made a great discover.

Sacred Heart

Operation Fallen Flags Visits Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Academy

The Glory Truck, Mr. Marine, and veterans of Operation Fallen Flags visit the school to teach the kids about the flag.

Why We Do What We Do

operation fallen flags

Operation Fallen Flags makes sure that worn-out flags are replaced and properly retired at their Flag Day ceremony at LZ Peace.

The Smoke Brothers


The Smoke Brothers teach school kids the history of the American flag. They maintain The Glory Truck and drive it to the LZ Peace Memorial for ceremonies.

The Glory Truck

It started with a dream

When Nick Parnello had a dream about replacing fallen flags, he got a bunch of his friends together, got a great deal on a truck, and that’s how it started.

Teeccino Makes Substantial Donation

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Galen MacDougall, Sales Manager of Teeccino, reports that their customers made generous donations during their 2021 Veterans Day Weekend event, and that Teeccino matched every dollar – amounting to a very nice donation to Operation Fallen Flags. We think Teeccino beverages are delicious and healthy and highly recommend them, and we are grateful for their support.

June 14, 2020 • Flag Day

Retiring the flag

When an American flag comes to the end of its life

The Smoke Brothers and the crew of The Glory Truck take flag retirement seriously. This video shows how they do it.
Video courtesy of Todd Burd, Rockford, Illinois.

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The Fallen Flags Crew and The Smoke Brothers Are All Volunteers, But There Are Always Expenses

The Operation Fallen Flags volunteers consider their hard work a labor of love. But even volunteer organizations need donations to keep things going. With Operation Fallen Flags, there are flags to buy, lots of gasoline to feed The Glory Truck as it makes its rounds, there are maintenance costs, and a lot more. We are extremely grateful that so many local businesses, organizations, and individuals have made amazing in-kind and cash donations that have made Operation Fallen Flags possible. But we still need help in the form of donations large and small from people like you. Please donate generously so we can keep the flags flying. Thank you.
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Our Related Organizations

People and groups closely related to Operation Fallen Flags.

LZ Peace Memorial

A place of honor for vietnam veterans

The names of over seventy-five soldiers are etched on the black granite wall in Rockford, Illinois, paying tribute to those men who paid the ultimate price.

Agent Orange Memorial


The list of war casualties didn’t stop when the Vietnam War ended. Millions of Vietnam veterans continue to suffer and die as a result of Agent Orange.

The Wall in Washington DC

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial

The Wall in Washington, DC, stands silent witness to the 58,000 men and women who served and sacrificed their lives in the Vietnam War.

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