Smoke Brothers Directional Mileage Signpost

We don’t know when the tradition started, but we know that since at least World War II, U.S. troops stationed overseas have put up signposts showing the direction and distance from their current location to other places far away.

The Smoke BrothersUsually, these signposts have names of places in the U.S. – places the troops long to return to. But when the Smoke Brothers put up their own signpost on the grounds of the LZ Peace Memorial recently, their signpost pointed mostly to locations in Vietnam.

Those places are far away – many thousands of miles distant – and they bring back lots of memories for Vietnam veterans. Memories good and memories not-so-good.

Either way, it was some well-deserved fun for the guys. 

To see larger photos, check out the photo album. Just start clicking.

Thanks to Sergeant Tango for the great photos.

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